New & improved!!

HELLOOOOO!!!! I'm back & betta than eva! I have been on a sort of hiatus, if you will, from blogging. I felt unhappy & dissatisfied with the content ideas that were coming to mind to post & I felt discouraged. Recently, my fire and inspiration came back & I decided to transform this space into [...]


God was calling me to peace tonight. I have been very anxious recently, about everything from school to just life in general. My mind wouldn't allow peace and serenity to enter, although I wanted it to. God's peace finally washed over me tonight in a way that is almost impossible to explain. It's almost like [...]

Focusing on the Good

I have recently started a new nighttime routine. The other day I went to Target and bought a nice, pretty journal, one that would look good perched on my nightstand, and every night I think of at least 2 or 3 happy or good things that happened that day. I recently saw something on an [...]