For the senior 

This is one for my fellow seniors out there. Recently, a friend(you know who you are, girl) showed me the song Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart. The first few lines of that song make me feel sad, yet excited for the future at the same time.   "All our friends will [...]

New & improved!!

HELLOOOOO!!!! I'm back & betta than eva! I have been on a sort of hiatus, if you will, from blogging. I felt unhappy & dissatisfied with the content ideas that were coming to mind to post & I felt discouraged. Recently, my fire and inspiration came back & I decided to transform this space into [...]


God was calling me to peace tonight. I have been very anxious recently, about everything from school to just life in general. My mind wouldn't allow peace and serenity to enter, although I wanted it to. God's peace finally washed over me tonight in a way that is almost impossible to explain. It's almost like [...]

Focusing on the Good

I have recently started a new nighttime routine. The other day I went to Target and bought a nice, pretty journal, one that would look good perched on my nightstand, and every night I think of at least 2 or 3 happy or good things that happened that day. I recently saw something on an [...]