Happy 2020!! I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready for a new year in my life. I needed a new start. And although I know I can create a new start any time of the year, 2020 seemed like a perfect opportunity. It’s a new decade, a new year – the perfect opportunity to allow myself to redesign the world I’m living in and surrounding myself with.


I plan to discover myself more this year and spend time really diving deep into who I am and what makes me tick. Part of this will be reading more into the enneagram. Now, I’m very aware and very into the enneagram and believe that it’s such a valuable tool, but to be honest I just don’t know much about it. SO I plan to read more about it and study the different types and have meaningful conversations with people about it.


Also aiding me on my path to self-discovery, is allowing peace for myself. By this I mean allowing myself to let go of things that are hurting me. People, habits, relationships, etc. This is by far going to be the hardest part of this journey. It’s hard for me to let go of things that were once very important in my life and special to me. But, by allowing myself to cut them loose, I’m allowing myself peace and I’m allowing space for things that bring me joy.


I plan to read more and watch tv less. I plan to live healthier, in all aspects: mentally, emotionally, physically. I plan to pour into my school work and do what needs to be done to get me to where I want to be. I also plan to be a better friend, listen intently, speak with kindness, help when needed (& always), etc. I have some fabulous friends who I feel are so much better at this friend thing than I am.


Speaking of friends, I plan to make more. Not because I don’t have great ones, but because I feel that life is only enriched by the people in it, and having more can’t hurt.

At my church, one of our core values is Theological Depth and Diversity. I believe that having people in our lives that challenge us and our beliefs are healthy friends to have – friends that we can have meaningful theological discussions with about things we do and don’t agree on.


Continuing on with my church’s core values, I plan to live by these this year in order to grow my faith and make it stronger. There are as follows:

We value..

Excellence in the Worship of God – worship that is spiritually inspiring and intellectually stimulating because God is deserving of the very best we can offer

Theological Depth and Diversity – spiritual and intellectual openness better enables us as a congregation to marvel at the mysteries of God

Authentic Christian Community – community full of imperfect people with unfinished stories, and believing that God welcomes all people with a radical hospitality and loved without limitation

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Growth of His Church – believing that the message of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, and further believing that the Church is the visible presence of the Risen Christ

Congregational Courage – God is always calling the Church to new and next steps of faith, and believing that God’s calling comes with risk, and being brave enough to take the risk

Christian Stewardship – God’s grace is a generous gift of unmerited favor, and believing that we mature in our faith by using what God has given us, for God’s glory

a Missional Consciousness where every Member is Mobilized to serve – every member is truly empowered and fully equipped to mobilize their faith in practical ways for the cause of Christ


With these values I hope to shape my 2020 in order to fan my faith into flame and have it spread like wildfire.


2020 is our year, I’m speaking it into existence!!!


As always, thanks for bein here, I appreciate ya.

Love always,


(Photo creds: Grace Bland)



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