Romans 8:18

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

This verse has meant more than the world to me since my sophomore year in high school; it’s my verse. Every season I go through, though, this verse has a different meaning to me. Every season of high highs and mountaintops, this verse keeps me there, reminding me that there’s even better things coming – that even though I’m not necessarily struggling, compared to the greatness that’s to come, the goodness I’m experiencing doesn’t even come close. And every time I go through a season of deep depression, it’s what gets me through. This promise of God’s glory and love for me – His promise of a prosperous future – gets me through even my darkest days.

I’ve been experiencing a pretty low low recently, and I’ve tried my best to keep this verse on the tip of my tongue as a mantra. I’ve felt far from God these past few months for no reason other than that I was ashamed. I felt that if I showed God how I felt and how things were really going, I wouldn’t be welcomed back into His house. What I fail to remember almost every time I’m feeling this way is that that’s exactly how God wants us. He wants us when we’re broken, He wants us when we’re crying out His name in prayer hoping that someone’s listening, He wants us when we’re hurting. Our God loves us in our brokenness. Our God tells us we’re loved and strong when we feel the complete opposite. That’s the God we serve, that’s the God we worship. We worship a God whose love is so deep and so wide that He loves every single one of us enough to give us all a unique path in life, a path that’s better than anything we could ever imagine.

Last night at 2 am, I was rereading this verse over and over again and started thinking about how much meaning it had to me, beyond just what it reads as, and this post was born. But more than anything, I want this post to serve as inspiration for those both struggling & not – inspiration for the future. Anything we’re going through, good or bad, is nothing compared to what God has in store.


As always, thanks for bein here, I appreciate ya.

Love always,


(photo creds: Grace Bland)

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