This is a short post, but I just wanted to get some thoughts down: I have been LOVING simplicity recently. I wear black & white clothing almost exclusively ….. & I’ll occasionally throw in a beige or brown of some sort to spice things up. But the simplicity of the black & white combo is so intriguing to me and I’ve started to notice simplicity in a bunch of other daily things. I appreciate the simplicity of my weekly schedule and how it’s – for the most part – planned out to a T. I also appreciate the beauty in the simplicity of the changing leaves. The entirety of leaves changing is, of course, very complex, but to the naked human eye all we see is the beauty of the burning trees. I adore the simplicity of my daily coffee add-ins, almond milk with vanilla. It’s all so so simple, and it’s all so beautiful. I also have been admiring the simplicity in my faith life. I trust God with my whole heart & soul and have been learning to automatically turn to Him for guidance, it’s now a simple, easy reflex for me. I understand that simplicity in a faith life can be dangerous because we are not to get too comfortable because we’re supposed to always be ready to serve and change (or in case God throws a curve ball), but the simplicity of my faith journey has been in the details. Like that it’s not as difficult to feel God anymore. Because I’ve been taking the time to really appreciate the simple things in my days, I’ve begun to notice God in all of those things, too. It becomes easier to feel connected with God if we begin to see Him in places we wouldn’t traditionally do so, and simplicity helped me to do so. I encourage you to start simplifying your days and your life, because in the simple, beautiful details is where you’ll see God working in unconventional and astounding ways.

Thanks for bein here, I appreciate ya.

Love always,


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