For the senior 

This is one for my fellow seniors out there. Recently, a friend(you know who you are, girl) showed me the song Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart. The first few lines of that song make me feel sad, yet excited for the future at the same time.


“All our friends will move away
And they’re going to better places”

So seniors, next year we’ll be separated from those people we consider our BFF’s. This is just a fact. (& yes some of us will be lucky enough to attend the same school or do the same things as our best friends, but not all) Whether we are going to college, or traveling, or pursuing other dreams, we won’t be lucky enough to be with ALL of the people we’ve been with for basically all 12 years of school. I’m scared for the day, when it comes, that each of the girls in my small group of sisters goes off to our new homes. I’m scared & sad &, frankly, I’m dreading that day. But I just try to remind that we’re all doing just that, going home. Home is a place where comfort is a given, and our hearts can be at peace. Currently, my gaggle of girls is my home. I am comfortable & calm & still when I’m with them. We all have a place where we know we will always be welcome & belong. BUT…….. we’re all getting new homes in a year or so. If you’re planning on going to college, you’ll find a home in your dorm or with a group of people or in the library or in the coffee shop, wherever it is, you’ll find a new home. If you plan on doing anything other than attending a college, again you’ll find a new home whether in people or a real, tangible home or in a restaurant or in a bookstore, you’ll find a home. No matter what we’ll be doing in a year, we’ll be in our new homes, settling in.


“…And they’re going to better places”

Okay, I’m gonna be honest, that last paragraph was kinda a bummer. I mean, no one wants to face the facts that we’ll be leaving our best friends, BUT IT’S NOT ALL BAD!!!! Our new homes are where we will grow and flourish into something so beautiful. We’ll find people who we’ll trust more than anyone in the world, we’ll build relationships stronger than we’ve ever seen. And don’t take that as me saying we’ll forget all about our homes we have now, because we won’t. My girls will still be my girls, 2 miles away or 200, they’re my girls. Meeting new people and doing new things is something we, as human beings, have to do to continue. Staying in the same place with the same people for the rest of our lives would drive us crazy. Meeting new people and learning new things is how we make our way through life. Our new homes will have new people & new experiences & new things to learn each and every day. Our new homes will be better than we can ever imagine. We’re going to better places. And when we come back here to visit on holidays and weekends, our group will still be there, all of us coming together to see each other, so ready to hear about all that we’ve done and seen.


Throughout this season, God remains. That is probably the most cliché saying ever, but oh my word it’s so true. I’m throwing this paragraph in just to remind all of us that, yes, things are changing & it’s fun and exciting and scary, but in the midst of all of that, God’s not changing. He’s always right there with us, waiting to see what we do with the situations he places in our laps. He’s giving us this change and he knows we need it, all we have to do is use the change to glorify Him and make the most of it. God knows we’re struggling with the change, and He just wants us to remain constant in His consistency. So stay with Him, my dudes, because He’s staying with you whether you like it or not!


SO SENIORS::: don’t be discouraged about this upcoming season, embrace the change that is to come. Embrace all the new that will be thrown our way. Embrace all of it. Everything about this is scary, because it’s unknown, but don’t let the fear make you so weary about the process of getting there. Don’t let yourself get so caught up in all the change that you miss all of the stability that’s left in the next year. & don’t forget to stay strong in your relationship with the most constant, God. God is such an important constant in all of our lives, He is the only thing that will remain stable throughout this upcoming season of change. Remember to take time to spend it with Him, just to appreciate his status in your life. Life is changing quickly, but there’s so, so much to be grateful for in the change. Celebrate that.

Thanks for bein here, I appreciate ya.
Love always,

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