New & improved!!

HELLOOOOO!!!! I’m back & betta than eva! I have been on a sort of hiatus, if you will, from blogging. I felt unhappy & dissatisfied with the content ideas that were coming to mind to post & I felt discouraged. Recently, my fire and inspiration came back & I decided to transform this space into something a little more personal, Level818 will be missed dearly, but it was time for a change. I felt so called to create more of a personal journal feel on this platform, rather than an anonymous website. I will continue to post my thoughts on various subjects, but I will go a little deeper in each post. I will attempt to post about once each month, but as we all know, LIFE GETS BUSY!! So just keep an eye out for new posts. Also, the voice of my posts will be more casual, more like a conversation. I felt that I was portraying a voice in my past posts that felt too planned & posed, so I have decided to just write how I speak! This post is just an informational post for you all, the good stuff will be comin later this month, so again, keep an eye out (insert eye emojis here).

Thanks for bein here, I appreciate ya.

Love always,


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