God was calling me to peace tonight. I have been very anxious recently, about everything from school to just life in general. My mind wouldn’t allow peace and serenity to enter, although I wanted it to. God’s peace finally washed over me tonight in a way that is almost impossible to explain. It’s almost like an “Ah-ha!” moment, but 100000x better. I’m sitting here preparing for a bible study tomorrow and it hit me that God’s peace is one unmatched. The peace that Christ brings is one that no one can begin to replicate. I have been so guarded recently, I now realize. I have, yes, let people in, but I’ve been unknowingly blocking a huge part of Jesus from my heart: His peace. I had been constantly telling myself that I’m doing everything I need to in order to be loved and blessed by God, but I wasn’t accepting one of His biggest gifts. Colossians 3:15 tells us to “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful,” (NIV). I read this verse tonight and felt the sweetest set of chills wash over me. I wasn’t allowing God’s peace to rule my heart; I was simply allowing it to be a part of my heart. Our god is a god who brings peace and love and community. “My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely Christ…” (Colossians 2:2 NIV). God definitely is a mystery; a beautiful, amazing, all-knowing mystery with whom I’ve had the immense pleasure of knowing and loving these past years. Our God brings peace, a kind of peace which floods over you in the most beautiful way possible. I am fortunate enough to have friends with whom I can be as raw and vulnerable with as to share the deepest tethers on anxiety. I know in my heart that these friends are angels which God has sent me in order to lead my closer to his word & his heart & his peace. Our God is one of immense peace and serenity. I am forever thankful for a God & angels, that I am fortunate enough to call my best friends, which I can find peace in. 

Thank you for reading my thoughts, friends. Love always,


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